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(Anti Evasion & Tax Revenue Increase System)

It is a system that crosses in real time, information of invoices and credit notes in order to detect and avoid tax evasions. It is made up of two computer platforms, each with specific functions as detailed below:

This tool was created so that the taxpayers can enter, by digital means, the information of the taxpayer’s activities that the Treasury Department or Taxes that it does not currently capture, also collects and organizes the data that the taxpayers provide in electronic form.

It records the information in real time, detects anomalies in the declared activities that can incur tax evasion. This generates alerts for taxpayers and the Ministry of Finance or Taxes, as the case may be.


Approximately 30% of the calls that the clients make to the doctor are informative (appointment time, charge for consultation, among others) which causes a reduction in the productivity of the clinic due to the overload of work of the staff. On the other hand, the doctor receives more phone calls than the number of patients per day, these calls are unpaid and become an opportunity cost for the clinic.

It is an application that will be used for the recording of phone calls and texts, voice or video messages that patients make to the doctor.

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