Digital and technological skills that help organizations grow and excel.



We have experience in outsourced services of Systems Analysts, Developers, Project Managers and DBAs. Our team has SCRUM, PMO, GeneXus certifications, as well as a high human capital.

Within the services package, we offer:

  • Recruitment process and staff selection.
  • References verification.
  • Psychometric tests.
  • Training and constant evaluation.
  • Delivery of personnel.
  • Job description and analysis.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Hired personnel wage management.

Infrastructure configuration

We help you to configure your technology infrastructure through our qualified staff members.

configuración de estructura, servidores
capacitaciones, tecnología


We have instructors certified by the manufacturers to provide personalized attention both in our offices and on site with the latest technology:

  • Microsoft
  • Genexus
  • Java
  • Project managment
  • Linux

Customized development

Our team counts with enough knowledge to understand your business. With this, we are able to structure and configure your new applications´ development so that they can be implemented by pieces and in the fastest possible way, thus generating the earliest return on your investment and reaching your business objectives. The Datalogic team has the experience and knowledge to advise you and accompany you from the start until the implementation of your new applications. Not all of the applications that are available in the market may resolve the operating and automation requirements of your company. We specialize in the supplementation or complementation of all of those needs your company has to develop and implement them the best possible way.

desarrollo de software, código, sistema
implementacion tecnologia, microsoft, oracle, emc

Implementation of the following technologies

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Genexus
  • Qlik

Datalogic helps companies, like yours, find success

"Trabajar con Datalogic es un cambio bastante grande en la filosofía de un proyecto, los analistas empiezan a concentrarse más en lo que tienen que hacer la aplicación, más que en el cómo hacerlo."
Luis González
CTO Empresa Cliente


Podemos ayudarle a construir y lanzar software confiable para su negocio.


Apoyamos a su organización a ser más eficiente y a obtener mejores rendimientos con soluciones de tecnología de la información.


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