Migration and system Update

Our experienced consultants provide an optimized focusfor the migration of your information. Datalogic Systems can provide you an efficient strategy to migrate the information in order to have a better administration way without interruptions.

A typically project includes a strategy of migration, or a plan that identifies keys, elements, or requests for a successful migration. These elements can include, identify the applications, the information migrated in question, logistics conversion, needs for resources, and operational windows with the risksassociate.

Years of experience and the best practices in the industry, DatalogicSystems uses methodologies verified in project administration in order to provide the most efficient and effective solutions of migration, IT strategies, and to design plans so that with this form we can provide you a successful migration in timely manner and inside the budget.

Services of migration that we offer:
Plans of Migration and Evaluation:
Migrations of Information and conversions across platform Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX or AIX
Updates of Oracle (DB/Application Server) and Microsoft (Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, FIM)