Plans of Migration and Evaluation

Migrations of Information and conversions across platform Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX or AIX
Updates of Oracle (DB/Application Server) and Microsoft (Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, FIM)

Determination of Architecture
The focus of Datalogic Systems for the Analysis Databases System includes evaluating the configuration of its servers, storage and SAN, network and design of database. A careful determination must include diverse components and its associate interdependences.

Capacity planning and System Dimensioning
Datalogic Systems can help in the correct dimensioning of its systems and plan for a future growth. We will analyze your system and charges of work, and will provide recommendations for future growth and capacity.

Health Checks of System or have Exchange
This service includes analysis in place or remotely of your system (s) in information in both, individual environments or in cluster. Datalogic Systems will prepare an analysis in your SQL Server or Oracle system, alerting it of its potential problems, and providing recommendations to improve the design and performance of the system.

Consolidation of Storage Planning
We can analyze its servers and the storage to determine that hardware and applications might be candidates for consolidation.