Continuity of Business, Supports and Recovery Plans

DATALOGIC | August 22, 2014

We advise and configure to use the Services of Support of Databases and an effective design of Area of Network Storage to provide the level of availability that your company needs. We can plan your Support Strategy and Data recovery;….. Read more

Migration and system Update

DATALOGIC | August 22, 2014

Our experienced consultants provide an optimized focusfor the migration of your information. Datalogic Systems can provide you an efficient strategy to migrate the information in order to have a better administration way without interruptions. A typically project includes a strategy….. Read more

Plans of Migration and Evaluation

DATALOGIC | August 22, 2014

Migrations of Information and conversions across platform Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX or AIX Updates of Oracle (DB/Application Server) and Microsoft (Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, FIM) Determination of Architecture The focus of Datalogic Systems for the Analysis Databases System includes evaluating….. Read more

Services of Remote Consultancy

DATALOGIC | August 20, 2014

Our team administers, analyzes and plays in tune of databases Oracle and SQL Server. Although much of our work it is guide in the facilities of our clients, many of our services are provided successfully viaremote. The Architecture of database….. Read more